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The recent SABS accreditation of our Calibration & Testing laboratory now allow us to offer the verification of all instruments used for Trade. With no limit on capacity, and one of the largest scopes of any laboratory in the country, we are now  really a 'one-stop-shop'.

Route offers some of the most advanced Weighing and plant Control systems in the world - the product of a multi-million product development program.

Route Projects also offer complete turn-key Automation Projects to our clients, as well as general Instrumentation Audits and Maintenance.

As always, we continue to be the premier source for Load cells in South Africa. We Manufacture a wide range of Industry Standard Load cells, design and build Custom Load cells and Service and Repair all makes of Load cells.

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Overview of a typical batching operation





P.O.Box 1210, Kengrey 2100

Johannesburg South Africa

Phone + 27 11 615-7068          Fax + 27 11 615-7889

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